Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT) is situated at Vellore which a beautiful city centrally located between Chennai, a traditionally prosperous city and the capital of Tamil Nadu) and Banglore, the capital city of Karnataka and India’s IT Hub as well.

This widely famous technological institute of Vellore was established in 1984 by Honourable G. Viswanathan. At that time, it was named as Vellore Engineering College.


VIT University, also famous as Vellore Institute of Technology, is a prestigious private deemed university which is situated at Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India. The VIT is a widely popular institution amongst the aspirants of technical studies and other higher studies. The excellently designed and well-equipped VIT University offers 27 Undergraduate courses and 30 Postgraduate courses. Apart from these, this well-known university of Vellore, viz. VIT, also runs multiple Integrated Programs and Research Programs. The Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses offered by Vellore Institute of Technology belong to various educational domains ranging from Engineering to Business

VIT Vellore is blessed with an extraordinarily vast, excellently designed and admirably equipped campus. VIT’s beautiful and praisably architectured campus is spread over mammoth 250 acres. The really vast campus of Vellore’s most popular university is enriched with 12 different institutes which are blessed with admirably equipped laboratories, seminar-halls, high capacity auditoriums, etc.

Apart from the twelve extremely praisable schools, the VIT University of Vellore also has a multi-storeyed and extraordinarily big library. More importantly, the library is equipped with ACs, flap barrier and CCTV surveillance too. The extraordinarily big library of VIT has almost uncountable number of books, a huge collection of journals, e-journals and other study materials related to Engineering, Science, BioTechnology, Management, Social Sciences, Humanities, etc. Besides these, this greatly equipped and highly facilitative library also possesses video conferencing facility, NPTEL video courses, ePGpathashala, Swayam Programme and other E-Learning resources.

As said earlier, the very vast and admirably beautiful campus of VIT Vellore houses twelve schools inside which the courses, belonging to various domains like Engineering, Science, BioTechnology, etc., are taught. The names of these appreciably facilitative and laudably equipped schools are as follows :

1. School of Advanced Science (SAS)

2. School of Architecture (V-SPARC)

3. School of Bio Sciences & Technology (SBST)

4. School of Civil and Chemical Engineering (SCALE)

5. School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE)

6. School of Electrical Engineering (SELECT)

7. School of Electronics Engineering (SENSE)

8. School of Information Technology & Engineering (SITE)

9. School of Mechanical Engineering(SMEC)

10. School of Social Science & Languages (SSL)

11. VIT Business School (VIT BS)

12. VIT Law School

VIT, located in Vellore, runs 27 Undergraduate Programs of which the larger number number of offered courses belong to Engineering domain. However, it is notable that this Vellore’s institution also offers several other undergraduate courses like B.Des., BCA, BBA, B.Com., B.Sc. (Catering & Hotel Management), B.Sc. (Computer Science), B.Sc. (Multimedia & Animation), etc.

This prestigious institute of Vellore, viz. VIT, admits aspirants of engineering through VITEEE. The students, willing to get admission in VIT, need to pull off a decent enough rank in VITEEE. Thereafter, the successful students become eligible to get the admission in the popular Vellore Institute of Technology.

More important and equally impressive fact is the Vellore’s VIT also offers B.Tech in some really uncommon domains like B.Tech in BioMedical Engineering, B.Tech. in BioTechnology, B.Tech. in Production & Industrial Engineering, B.Tech. in Fashion Technology Programme, etc.

Apart from these, VIT also runs multiple Integrated Programs like Integrated M.Tech. in Software Engineering, Integrated M.Sc. in BioTechnology, etc.

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