Nielit CCC Question Paper Practice Set 2018, DOEACC CCC Question paper, you have 100 MCQs question with answer choice one is correct out of four.

1. Most news readers gift newsgroup articles in:
(A)threads (B)mail (C)column (D)None of these

2. Fiber optics have the advantage of some.
(A)being cheaper to put in
(B)being easier to put in than twisted wire
(C)having no interference
(D)using direct line-of-sight

3. we will originated the margin for
(A)Headers (B)Footers (C)Both a and b (D)None of these

4. Windows distinguishes between the various drives by means that of a naming convention. every drive is selected by a letter followed by
(A)a colon (B)an asterisk (C)an punctuation (D)a punctuation mark

5. that of the subsequent characters is allowed in a very Windows file name or folder?
(A): (B) ? (C)_ (D)>

6. that of the subsequent could be a presentation graphics software system
(A)MS-Windows (B)MS-PowerPoint (C)MS-Excel (D)MS-Word

7. “To take care that your presentation can run on a special pc, you may originate.”
(A)your fonts
(B)a copy of PowerPoint to put in
(C)a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
(D)None of the higher than

8. “If you import knowledge and need to update the slide once the initial knowledge changes, you want to a person.”
(A)embed the information
(B)link the information
(C)insert the information as Associate in Nursing object
(D)break the link

9. In slide master footer space seems at
(A)Left of the page
(B)Center of the page
(C)Top of the page
(D)Bottom of the page

10. Following could be a variety of Slide animation
(A)Flash once (B)Typewriter (C)Fly From high (D)All of the higher than

11. the subsequent could be a slide transition result
(A)Wipe complete (B)Dissolve (C)Bit by bit (D)None of the higher than

12. The constitutional default repetition in stand out is programmed to
(A)use relative position once repetition formulas
(B)use absolute position once repetition formulas
(C)use mixed position once repetition formulas
(D)None of these

13. net is ruled by
(A)W3C (World Wide net Consortium)
(B)IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
(C)InterNIC (Internet Network info Center)
(D)None of those

14. stand out incorporates a range of options that build it an awfully powerful computer  program. What feature below isn’t a serious advantage to mistreatment Excel?
(A)”Database functions like filtering, sorting, etc.”
(B)Automatic calculation of numbers and formulas
(C)Charting capabilities
(D)Desktop commercial enterprise capabilities

15. The E-mail element of net adventurer is termed
(A)Messenger Mailbox
(B)Message Box
(C)Outlook categorical
(D)None of these

16. USENET is…
(A)A set of tools reserved solely for net directors
(B)Short for us system
(C)A bulletin board system that permits for posting and responding to messages on the net
(D)A precursor to the net that’s currently obsolete

17. The CPU (central processing unit) consists of :
(A)”Input, output and processing”
(B)”Control unit, primary storage and secondary storage”
(C)”Control unit, arithmetic-logic unit and first storage”
(D)”Input, process and storage”

18. what’s the management unit s operate within the CPU?
(A)To decipher program directions
(B)To transfer knowledge to primary storage
(C)To perform logical operations
(D)To store program directions

19. The ascending order of an information hierarchy is :

20. the foremost common device used nowadays is that the a person
(A)Motherboard (B) Central process unit (C)Keyboard (D)System unit

21. which sort of memory device may be carried around?
(A)Hard disk (B)System cupboard (C)Diskette (D)Main memory

22. “If a pc is on however doesn’t reply to a system reset, what’s it same to be?”
(A)Dead (B)Off (C)Hung (D)Insensitive

23. prescript stands for some.
(A)”Garbage Input, Garbage Output”
(B)”Gigabytes in, Gigabytes out”
(C)”Garbage In, Garbage Out”
(D)None of these

24. The distinction between memory and storage is that memory is abundantly and storage is abundantly.
(A)”Temporary, permanent”
(B)”Permanent, temporary”
(C)”Slow, fast”
(D)None of these

25. to travel to slip range press
(A)slide range + [Enter]
(B) [PgUp]
(C)Both (a) and (b)
(D)All of them

26. “To delete the chosen sentence, we will press the subsequent key:”
(A) [Del] (B) [Backspace] (C)Both (a) and (b) (D)None of the higher than

27. The language that the pc will perceive and execute is called:
(A) Machine language
(B) Application software system
(C) computer program
(D) None of these

28. The arithmetic/logic unit performs the subsequent actions:
(A) checks knowledge for accuracy
(B) “does calculations mistreatment addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division”
(C) “does logical comparisons, like capable, bigger than, less than”
(D) each calculations and logical comparisons

29. the aim of the MOVE command is to
(A) move one or a lot of files to the placement you specify
(B) rename directories
(C) each (a) and (b)
(D) None of these

30. interface is employed as Associate in Nursing interface between
(A) hardware and software system
(B) man and machine
(C) software system and user
(D) None of these
br /> 31 e-mail is
(A)Mail regarding natural philosophy devices
(B)”Transaction of letters, messages and memos over a communications network”
(C) dealings of messages at intervals a pc
(D) None of those

32. E-mail
(A) Cannot address several users
(B) doesn’t offer protection given to top quality mail
(C) continuously uses bridge to send messages in several networks
(D) None of these

33. that of the subsequent admirable capability is provided in most of the workstations?
(A)Numeric process
(C)Text manipulation
(D)None of those

34. choice of text may be of
(A)single word or a line
(B)a paragraph
(C)complete document
(D)All of these

35. Word wrap means that
(A)inserting areas between words
(B)aligning text with the correct margin
(C)moving text mechanically to future line
(D)None of these

36. what’s the primary step in MS-Word in dynamic line spacing?
(A)To open the Format menu
(B)To click the road Spacing button
(C)To choose the paragraphs you wish to vary
(D)To open the Paragraph menu

37. Cell address A$4 in a very formula means that it’s a
(A) relative cell reference
(B) absolute cell reference
(C) mixed cell reference
(D) All of the higher than

38. If you click on the Undo button
(A)it can take away the new text and restore the initial text back
(B)it can embrace the new text and take away the initial text
(C)it can take away the recent text and restore the new text back
(D)None of the higher than

39. “A device that gives emergency power to your pc,conditions the voltage, and protects against powers surges is termed a loud.”
(A)PSU = Power offer Unit
(B)USP = Universal suppressor
(C)UPPS = Universal Power Protection and provide
(D)UPS = Uninterruptible Power offer

40. “If you’ve simply formatted some text in order that it stands out, however are you able to quickly copy that data format to use on alternative text?”
(A)use the data format toolbar
(B)use the Reveal data format choice
(C)use the Format Painter button
(D)None of these

41. you’ll be able to amendment the margins in Word by
(A)using the ruler or
(B)using the page setup
(C)Both (a) and (b)
(D)None of these

42. you’ll be able to produce a templet in Word
(A)based on Associate in Nursing existing document
(B)based on Associate in Nursing existing templet
(C)from scratch
(D)All of them

43. “In that Word menu, Letter wizard command appears”
(A)Format (B)Tools (C)Insert (D)Table

44. The sheet tab of the Letter wizard in Word area unit
(A)Letter Format (B)Recipient information (C)Both (a) and (b) (D)None of the higher than

45. one in all the subsequent statements in not true.
(A) Word permits you to use the formula command to perform straightforward calculation in a very table.
(B) “The straightforward calculation in a very table is that of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.”
(C) =SUM(above) formula implies that word would total the values in all cells higher than this cell.
(D) Word cannot do straightforward calculation. For this purpose you would use stand out.

46. “While mistreatment the Mail Merge Helper, you click on the Active Window button. This choice creates”
(A)a master document within the presently active document window
(B)opens a brand new document window
(C)your document gets active and mechanically attaches to a knowledge supply
(D)None of the higher than

47. Palettes which will be tear-off area unit
(A)LineColour (B)FillColour (C)FontColour (D)All of these

48. A worksheet may be opened by clicking on the
(A)Start button (B)Open button (C)Both a and b (D)None of these

49. to pick out a column the best technique is to guage.
(A)double-click any cell within the column
(B)drag from the highest cell within the column to the last cell in the column
(C)click the column heading

50. [Ctrl]+bound in that by which you’ll be able to move around in a very document
(A)by scrolling
(B)by moving to a selected page
(C)both a and b
(D)None of these

51. “As long as you’ve got your product key, you’ll be able to set up Windows XP mistreatment any CD, even one you borrow from a disciple or neighbor.”
(A)True (B)False

52. Hybrid pc could be a mixture of each digital and analog computers.
(A)True (B)False

53. Default range of decimal points may be modified with the rise Decimal and reduce Decimal buttons.
(A)True (B)False

54. “To have Microsoft stand out continuously use a selected currency image, amendment the currency image hand-picked in Regional Settings up to the mark Panel before you begin stand out.”
(A)True (B)False

55. The name of a cell or vary may be same because the cell/range reference. (A)True (B)False

56. =SUM(Sheet2:Sheet13!B5) adds all the values contained in cell B5 on all the worksheets between and as well as Sheet two and Sheet thirteen
(A)True (B)False

57 “If one forgets to place the closing parenthesis in a very formula and press [Enter] key, stand out offers a slip message.”
(A)True (B)False

58 “To show this time, the TIME() operate may be used.”
(A)True (B)False

59 three-D charts have a class (x) axis a worth (y) axis and a 3rd (z) axis
(A)True (B)False

60 chart will represent multiple series of information.
(A)True (B)False

61 Bubble chart will represent 3 variable on a 2 dimensional chart.
(A)True (B)False

62 it’s doable to undo the deletion of a sheet.
(A)True (B)False

63 you’ll be able to have a special header and footer on every sheet of a book.
(A)True (B)False

64 it’s do able to insert a sheet at the tip of the work book.
(A)True (B)False

65 The Slide Sorter read button mechanically types the slides alphabetically.
(A)True (B)False

66 “If your text exceeds the scale of the placeholder, Microsoft PowerPoint reduces the font size and line spacing incrementally as you kind, to form the text work.”
(A)True (B)False

67 you’ll be able to solely split one cell of a table in a very PowerPoint slide at a time. (A)True (B)False

68Press F5 key to travel to slip Show read
(A)True (B)False

69 totally different parts in a very chart cannot have different transition.
(A)True (B)False

70 is an internet online web portal.
(A)True (V)False

71 The act of exploring net is thought as surfboarding
(A)True (B)False

72 The e-mail element of net adventurer is termed MSN courier
(A)True (B)False

73 browser courier is that the e-mail shopper prepackaged with browser person four.0
(A)True (B)False

74 Usenet and net area unit a similar factor
(A)True (B)False

75 the information to be drawn as a chart can not be hand-picked once the chart wizard is started.
(A)True (B)False

76 Word Templates have .dot extension.
(A)True (B)False

77 PC is termed small as a result of it consists of micro-processor.
(A)True (B)False

78 BIOS stands for Basic Integrated package
(A)True (B)False

79 a sensible terminal has in-built process capability.
(A)True (B)False

80Fetching of Associate in Nursing instruction for execution is finished by the management unit. (A)True (B)False

81At a timeyou will be open as several Word documents as your Taskbar can show
(A)True (B)False

82 “When applying paragraph data format, the complete paragraph should be hand-picked, before applying the data format.”
(A)True (B)False

83 By default the traditional read shows 100% to Word document screen.
(A)True (B)False

84You will produce your own dictionaries in Word.
(A)True (B)False

85 The orthography and descriptive linguistics check will solely be done once the text is chosen. (A)True (B)False

86 you can’t use completely different page-numbering designs in several section of your document
(A)True (B)False

87 In stand out you’ll be able to indicate absolute references by a hash sign (#)
(A)True (B)False

88 The read menu in Word is employed to form header and footer.
(A)True (B)False

89 All conversations on the IRC area unit in English
(A)True (B)False

90 The Blank website templet of Word contains pre-formatted or pre-designed choices.
(A)True (B)False

91 “In Word, a brand new column inserted in a very table retains the format of the column next to that it’s inserted.”
(A)True (B)False

92 it’s continuously doable to shrink a document to at least one page.
(A)True (B)False
93 designs may be accustomed generate a table of contents quickly in Word. (A)True (B)False

94 “In Word, the best thanks to size an image is by dragging its edges to match the scale and form you wish.”
(A)True (B)False

95 Graphics can not be placed in headers and footers in MS-Word.
(A)True (B)False

96 “From the Mail Merge Helper window, you’ll be able to solely open Associate in Nursing existing knowledge supply however cannot produce a brand new one.”
(A)True (B)False

97 “By default, Word can skip blank fields, therefore the merge isn’t affected if blank entries area unit within the knowledge kind.”
(A)True (B)False

98 “In stand out, commonplace dimension of a column is eighteen.43.”
(A)True (B)False

99 “In stand out, pressing [Ctrl]+[Spacebar] choose the complete row.”
(A)True (B)False

100 “In Word, mistreatment [Ctrl]+[U] route key(s) will underline the chosen text.”
(A)True (B)False

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