Lucknow University  whose official name is University Of Lucknow is widely-respected, very popular and one of the most sought after universities of India.University of Allahabad is a highly prestigious and widely famous educational centre is a Government-owned university and, more interestingly, it is one of the oldest universities of India because it has been giving its services in the field of higher studies since the Era of British Rule. Though the official name of this extremely reputative university is the University Of Lucknow but, by and large, it is popular as Lucknow University. Interestingly, now-a-days, it is being called LU by most number of students.

The University Of Lucknow, informally Lucknow University and commonly LU, is situated in Lucknow, which is quite evident from its name. The beautiful city of Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, commonly UP, which is one of the largest states of India, a magnificent country with full of diversities. It has two campus out of which the first one is known as Old Campus while the remaining one is known as Second Campus. Both of the campuses are enriched with a number of beautiful, well-architectured and appropriately facilitative buildings. The prestigious Lucknow University is blessed with an amazingly vast campus. There is overall 13 hostels for boys and girls in the University. Another surprising and very impressive fact is that the Kailash Hall and the New Management Girls Hostel can house nearly 600 female students which really awesome.

Apart from these, the LU or Lucknow University is endowed with an extremely big, admirably rich and adequately facilitative Central Library which is famous as the Tagore Library. The wonderful and hugely impressive Tagore Library is one of the richest libraries in the country. It was designed by Sir Walter Burley Griffin, the designer of Australian capital city of Canberra. It has 5.25 lakh books, 50,000 journals and approximately 10,000 copies of approved Ph.D. and D.Litt. dissertations. The whole library is online with its own website which is another great effort and deserves a lot of praise.

The widely popular LU has 8 different Faculties and a large number of departments which will be discussed later.

Faculty Of Engineering
This the latest integration to list of faculties of the prestigious Lucknow University. The Faculty of Engineering of LU possesses 5 departments which collectively runs 5 B.Tech. programs :

1. B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication (EC)
2. B.Tech. in Civil Engineering (CE)
3. B.Tech. in Computer Science (CS)
4. B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering (EE)
5. B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Faculty Of Commerce
This faculty of Lucknow University has 3 departments :

1. Commerce (accounting, finance, marketing & management )
2. Applied Economics
3. Business Administration(B.B.A and M.B.A)

Faculty Of Law
It has two departments :
1. Law, and
2. Criminology And Justice Studies.

Faculty Of Science
This enriched faculty of University Of Lucknow runs 14 departments :

01. Renewable Energy
02. Biochemistry
03. Botany
04. Chemistry
05. Computer Science
06. Geology
07. Mathematics
08. Physics
09. Pharmacy
10. Psychology
11. Statistics
12. Zoology
13. Astronomy
14. Electronics

Apart from these, the really big, greatly popular and Government-owned University Of Lucknow has 4 other faculties which collectively operate a really large number of courses and offers Graduate and Post Graduate degrees in a number of educational domains.

University Of Lucknow is a good-enough place for higher studies and given that it is a government-owned university so earning a degree from here, certainly, gives an edge to its students over the students of private universities.

If anyone want to enquire anything about this one of the oldest universities of India i.e. University Of Lucknow, then there is given a list of officials which are always there to help the students or their guardians :

Vice Chancellor→0522-2740467→

Vice Chancellor’s Office→0522-2740467→

Pro Vice Chancellor→0522-2961198→


Proctor Office→0522-2740065→proctor

Dean Faculty of Arts→0522-2782371→

Dean Faculty of Commerce→0522-2740057→

Dean Faculty of Education→0522-2740391→

Dean Faculty of Science→0522-3207285→

Dean Faculty of Law→0522-2732316  0522-2363113→

Dean Faculty of Fine Arts→0522-2361022→

Dean Student’s Welfare→0522-2740848→

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