DOEACC CCC Unsolved Sample paper for practice Question paper Mcq, approx maximum topic covered in given 100 question series.

1. What price can show if the formula=”$55.00+5 is entered into a cell?

2.In word, the utilization of Ctrl key whereas dragging

deletes the chosen text
Copy the chosen text
Formats the text
None of those

3. which of the subsequent are you able to use to feature things to the slides during a presentations?

Slide Show menu
Rehearse timings button
Slide transition
All of the higher than

4.A device, that isn’t connected to mainframe, is named with no consideration.

land-line device
On-line device
Off-line device
None of the higher than

5. what’s e-commerce?

Buying and sellingof international product
Buying and selling of product and services over the web
Buying and mercantilism of product having to try to to with the computers
Buying and mercantilism of electronic product.

6.The term program refers to

What the user sees on the screen and the way they will move with it
How the software package responds to the user commands
The suggests that by that the user interacts with the peripheral devices on the pc
None of them

7. that of the subsequent are often written in support of a Powerpoint presentations?

Audience handouts
An Outline
All the higher than

8.The predefined slide formats in powerpoint ar referred to as

Slide Layouts
Audience handouts
Speaker notes

9. that menu contains the commands to save lots of the present displays, or to open a antecedently saved presentations?

The tools menu
The file menu
The read menu
The Edit menu

10.Which of the subsequent are often displayed within the task pane?

Animation and transition effects
Design templates and slide layouts
Both above
Neither a nor b

11. Ctrl+E command is employed in MS-Word

Open the search bar
Start the realize Utility
Open the history bar
None of the higher than

12. In MS-Excel, files have a default extension of


13. In powerpoint the subsequent isn’t a feature of powerpoint

Printing transparencies
Printing the speaker’s notes along side the slide pictures
Linking a slide transition with a optical device pointer
Drawing with a pen

14. a slip is additionally referred to as


15.Operating system of a laptop

Enables the computer user to draw a flow chart
Links a program with package with reference
Provides a layer, user friendly interface

16.Which of the subsequent is Associate in Nursing example of software package


17. to maneuver the insertion purpose to the begining of the previous paragraph command used is

Ctrl+Right arrow
Ctrl+Left arrow
Ctrl+Down arrow
Ctrl+Up arrow

18. In MS-Excel, one will copy knowledge or formulas

With the copy, paste and cut commands on the edit menu
With commands on the crosscut menu
With buttons on the quality toolbars

19.Which of the subsequent looses its contents once the pc is turned off

All of the higher than

20. FAT and NTFS in Windows is form of

Disk tool
Storage format
Internal windows command

21.Multi-tasking and multi-threading is employed in

Windows XP
Windows 2000
All of the higher than

22.To move the insertion purpose to the begining of following word command used is

Ctrl+Right arrow
Ctrl+Left arrow
Ctrl+Down arrow

23. to repeat data format from one space during a worksheet and apply it to a different space you’d use

The Edit >Copy format and Edit > paste Format commands from the menu
The copy and apply data format panel, set beneath the format>Copy and apply menu
There is no thanks to copy and apply data format in MS-Excel – you have got to try to to it manually
The format painter button on the quality toolbar

24. whereas booting what percentage forms of system files can load into RAM?


25. Alignment are often found within the

page setup

26. In word. short cut Shift+Delete is employed to

Delete the chosen item for good while not inserting the item within the recycle bin
Copy the chosen item
Rename the chosen item
Create a crosscut to the chosen item

27. In MS-excel you’ll add image} to a guide by clicking the insert picture from File button on the ___________toolbar


28. From wherever does one install font?

Font icon of control board
Font choice of format menu
Options submenus of tools menu

29.The minimum range of rows and columns a word table will have is

2 rows and one column
2 rows a pair of|and a couple of|and a pair of} column
1 row and one column

30.In MS-Excel you’ll cluster non contiguous work sheets with

The cluster button on the quality toolbar
The Shift key and also the mouse
The Ctrl key and also the mouse

31. The contents of a cell may additionally be altered by pressing


32. BCC in relevance emails, stands for :

Best consumer Copy
Better communication copy
Best laptop copy
None of those

33.Which secret is accustomed increase left indent?

Alt +1

34. In Excel, once making a vertical page break

The active cell should be A1
The active cell are often anyplace within the worksheet
The active cell should be in

35. A(n) ____________contains text also as info concerning the text

browser language
Machine language
markup language

36. a youngster is that the term used once a pursuit engine returns an internet page that matches the search criteria

None of those

37. What does one decision a set of character and paragraph data format commands ?

the defaults
a template
a style

38. In Excel, you’ll use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to

Split a worksheet into 2 pages
view completely different rows and columns
Edit the contents of a cell
All of those

39. that of the subsequent statement is fake regarding file names?

Files could share an equivalent name or an equivalent extended
Every enter an equivalent folder should have a novel name
File extension is another name for file sort
The file extension comes before the dot(.) followed by the file name

40. Verification of a login name and countersign is understood as


41.In word crosscut key Ctrl+W is employed for

Open the print panel
update the present website
Close the present window

42. In MS-Excel you’ll use the drag and drop methodology to

Copy cell contents
Delete cells contents
Add cell contents

43. that term identifies a selected laptop on the online and also the main page of the whole web site

Website address

44. what’s the operate of Ctrl+R is MS-word

Open the print panel
Update the present website
Close the present window

45. that of the subsequent isn’t a pursuit engine ?


46. what’s the operate of Ctrl+B in MS word?

It converts designated text into following massive size of an equivalent font
It adds a line break to the document
It makes the chosen text daring
It applies italic data format the chosen text

47. Most mail programs mechanically complete the subsequent 2 elements in Associate in Nursing email_________.

From: and body:
From : and Date:
From: and To:
From: and shapes:

48. In excel, however does one modification column dimension to suit the contents?

Single-click the boundary to the left to the column heading
Double-click the boundary to the correct of the column heading
Press elevation and single click anyplace within the column
All of the higher than

49. The package that enables users to surf the web is named a/an

Search engine
Internet Service supplier
Internet surfriding supplier

50. A laptop checks the unfinished of user names and passwords for a match before granting access.


True or False Question (DOEACC CCC)

1. Peripheral is Associate in Nursing external device connected to the pc, like input and output devices and memory device devices.

2. To size a particular object, you’ll hold down elevation and drag a size handle whereas quickly predominant the setting for the grid .

3.A electronic {equipment} cannot convert the digital pulses generated by laptop equipment into analog signals, which might be sent over voice- grade.

4. Associate in Nursing icon on the desktop that represents a short lived holding place for files that ar deleted is named as Recycle bin.

5. A series of specially designed document , all joined along to be viewed on the {web|the net} is world wide web.

6.The tabs showing below at the lowest on the work sheet carry the default labeling of sheet2, sheet3, etc. These tabs can not be renamed.

7. The thanks to convert relative positioning to obsolute positioning is to place a $ sign once every part within the cell address that ought to not modification.

8. The Autosum button on the quality toolbar mechanically creates a formula to total rows and columns or rows.

9. The Autostyle menu on the Drawing toolbar contains many classes of shapes which will be inserted into a Word document.

10. In microsoft Word- Ctrl +I can color the chosen text asIndigo and Ctrl+B can build it blue.

11. you can not link to an image

12. All electronic equipment laptop use the binary numeration system

13.With a link you ca link MS-excel worksheet knowledge to a Word document

14. In word, Ctrl +shift to pick out or unselect window press Ctrl+F10

15. to maximise or restore a particular window press Ctrl+ F10

16. laptop method knowledge into info by operating completely with numbers

17. the look of the network is named the network transmission

18. to pick out multiple cells, drag across the cell or choose one cell, and so hold down SHIFT whereas you click another cell.

19. It uses footage (called icons) and menus displayed on the screen to send commands to the pc system is named command -base program.

20. menu is a further set of coomands that the pc displays once you create a range from the most menu.

21. Dial – up isn’t a kind of broadband web association.

22. Word permits you to convert from table format to text format.

23. A optical disk is Associate in Nursing example of Associate in Nursing optical disc

24. Associate in Nursing creative person request is broadcast to all or any devices on the network.

25.ERP is Associate in Nursing acronyn for Enterprise Resources coming up with.

26. By default, tables don’t have borders which will be written.

27. The mainframe and memory ar set on a special card within the system unit referred to as the motherboard.

28. Being laptop fluent means you must be ready to build a laptop yourself.

29. an internet browser may be a special device that’s put in in your laptop that enables it to speak with different devices on a network.

30. With a wireless network, it’s easier to relocate devices

31. A term associated with causation knowledge to a satellite is down link

32. the most distinction between a mainframe and a mainframe is that mainframe ar designed to execute many programs as quickly as doable, whereas mainframes ar designed to handle several programs running at an equivalent time (but at a slower pace)

33.Online documents contaning underlined phrases or icons that a user will click so as to maneuver forthwith to connected elements of the present document or to different document with connected info is named interactive multimedia system.

34.Hackers forced an entry others laptop.

35. The life-span of a compact disc is just about 2 years.

36. The default settings ar automatic and commonplace.

37. The signal that a laptop is anticipating a command from the user is prompt.

38. you’ll keep your personal files/folders in My Document

39. A laptop Associate in Nursingd computer code that controls a machine or appliance is named an embedded system.

40. Cells ar named by their positions either by rows or columns.

41. Spooling is high speed memory which will be utilized in between mainframe and main memory .

42. A port is primarily accustomed connect printers to a laptop.

43. Worm is understood as network virus.

44. A computer program package may be a numeric knowledge analysis tool that permits US to form a form of computerised ledger.

45. Ray Tomlinson introduced E-mail.

46. To send e-mail to an oversized cluster at just once, a mail server are often used.

47. The E-commerce domain that involves endeavour initiated by shopper|the buyer|the patron} and targeted to business is understood as Business to consumer.

48. you can not modification the font form of the whole book by one command. It will modification solely work sheet by worksheet.

49 . MICR technology is employed by banks for quicker process of huge volume of cheques.


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