DOEACC CCC Exam Question Paper practice set for NIELIT Exam 2018 .Aspirants check your Preparation for getting good grade.

1 A shopper program accustomed access the net services and resources obtainable through the world Wide internet.

(A)ISP    (B)Web Browsers(C) internet Servers    (D)None of those

2″When a laptop prints a report, this output is called_____.”
text    soft copy    COM    None of those

3″=ROUND(2.15,1) entered in a very cell displays”
(A)2    (B)2.1    (C)2.2    (D)None of those

4″=MOD(-3,2) entered in a very cell displays”
(A) -1    (B)1    (C)-1.5   (D) zero

5″To amendment the scale of the chart while not dynamical its proportion, then you have got to publicist as you drag a corner handle”

(A)    [Shift]    (B) [Alt]    (C) [Ctrl]    (D) [F11]

6The default page orientation in surpass is
(A)Landscape    (B)Horizontal(C)    Portrait(D)    None of those

7″In Excel, if you click on the Gridlines and Draft Quality check box on the sheet

tab property sheet of page setup window then”
(A)gridlines are print
(B)gridlines won’t be written
(C)sometimes print
(D)    None of those

8 to form a brand new blank presentation you may a person.
(A)click on the New button
(B)use the File New command
(C)Both of those
(D)None of those

9In that menu amendment Case command seems
(A)    Insert    (B)Slide show    (C)Format    (D)Edit

10How does one build Associate in Nursing inserted sound file play endlessly

over many slides?
(A)”In the Custom Animation task pane, open Effects choices and  set the sound

to play for the required range of slides”
(B)”Using the Record Sound feature, press the Record button and  play your music as you click through the full slide show”

(C)”Using the Play CD Audio Track feature, set the CD to play  for the required range of tracks”

(D)All of those

11 the realm on a slide that holds text which will seem within the presentation

define may be a a person.
(A)Textbox(B)Placeholder(C)bullet point(D)title box

12The purpose of AutoFormat command in surpass is to
(A)create an expert and consistent rummage around for your information
(B)”choose between commonplace table formats that embrace borders,

shading, font colors and alternative info options”
(C)easily apply a uniform format throughout a book
(D)All of those

13.Which of the subsequent statements concerning search engines and directories is true?

(A)A programme doesn’t discriminate between smart and unhealthy  sites.

(B)A programme displays all websites that contain your  keywords and will  list thousands of unordered results.

(C)A directory is somebody s plan to reason the simplest  sites obtainable for a given subject or topic.

(D)All of those

15 that of the subsequent a groundwork engine endlessly sends out that begin on

a homepage of a server and pursue all links stepwise?
(A)spiders    (B)packets    (C)cookies    (D)None of those

16 “What would you utilize for immediate, time period communication with a friend?”

(A)Instant electronic communication (B) E-Mail (C)Usenet (D)Blog

17 the net uses
(A)Circuit change    (B)Packet change
(C)    Hybrid change    (D)None of those

18 The ascending order of a knowledge hierarchy is :
(A)Bit-byte-record-field-file-database(B)    Byte-bit-field-record-file-database(A)

(D)Byte-bit-record-file-field-database(C)    Bit-byte-field-record-file-database

19 code instruction meant to satisfy a user s specific process desires are referred to as a person

(A)System code(B)Microcomputer    (C)Documentation    (D)Application software

20 “In laptop language, data means”
(C)data in additional helpful or intelligible kind

(D)alphanumeric information  program

21 that of the subsequent may be a a part of the Central process Unit

(A)Keyboard(B)Printer    (C)Tape(D)    Arithmetic Logic Unit

22 what’s meant by laptop literacy?
(A)Ability to write down laptop programs
(B)Knowing what a laptop will and can’t do
(C)Knowing laptop connected vocabulary
(D)Ability to assemble computers

23 The code application that’s used the foremost typically is abundantly.
(A)word process    (B)spreadsheet    (C)database    (D)graphical presentation

24 A floppy contains
(A)Circular tracks solely     (B)Sectors solely
(C)Both circular tracks and sectors
(D)None of those

25 the primary page that you just commonly read at an internet web site is its:
(A)Home page    (B)Master page    (C)First page    (D)Banner page

26 what’s the operate of the justification buttons on the toolbar?
(A) To show a drop-down list of justification choices
(B)To show the four choices for positioning text
(C)To open the justification window
(D)To center this line

27 The binary number representation system encompasses a base
(A)2    (B)4    (C)8    (D)16

28 The arithmetic/logic unit performs the subsequent actions:
(A)checks information for accuracy

(B)”does calculations victimisation addition, subtraction,  multiplication, and division”

(C)”does logical comparisons, like up to, larger than,  less than”
(D) each calculations and logical comparisons

29 C.P.U. reads the knowledge from secondary memory
(B)”First, data is transferred to main memory and from   there, the C.P.U. reads”
(C)Through registers
(D)None of those

30 A plotter is
(A)An device to provide smart quality graphics
(B)An output device to provide drawings and graphics
(C)A quick output device victimisation camera lenses
(D)None of those

31 a loud may be a assortment of buttons that represent varied operations that may be meted out at intervals Associate in Nursing application.

(A)Buttons    (B)Menu    (C)Toolbar    (D)None

32 The upmost bar in any application window is that the a person.
(A)It displays the name of the document or application.
(B)Menu bar
(D)Status bar

33 Supercomputers ar primarily helpful for
(A)Input-output intensive process
(B)Mathematical intensive scientific applications
(C)Data retrieval operations
(D)None of those

34 E-mail
(A)Cannot address several users
(B)Does not offer protection given to first-class mail
(C)Always uses bridge to send messages in several networks
(D)None of those

35 that of the subsequent may be a graphical package?
(A)CorelDRAW    (B)MS-Excel    (C)MS-Word    (D)None of those

36 the large work of simulating the air flow around a whole craft will solely be done by victimisation quick

(A)Microcomputers    (A)Minicomputers    (A)Supercomputers    (A)None of those

37 that of the rule mentioned below for vary names is wrong
(A)names can’t be a similar as a cell reference
(B)in a spread name you’re allowed to use areas or commas
(C)range names will be directly utilized in formulas
(D)the solely separators allowed ar underscore characters  nd/or periods between words

38 what’s the primary step in MS-Word in dynamical line spacing?
(A)To open the Format menu
(B)To click the road Spacing button
(C)To choose the paragraphs you would like to vary
(D)To open the Paragraph menu

39 “A mouse, trackball, and joystick ar samples of a person.”
(A)pointing devices
(B)pen input devices
(C)data assortment devices
(D)multimedia devices

40 The Save As… window will be used
(A)for saving the file for the primary time to avoid wasting
(B)file by some various name
(C)to save get into a format apart from Word
(D)All of those

41 The contents of the writing board stay a similar till
(A)you cut alternative text
(B)you pack up your laptop
(C)you copy alternative text
(D)All of those

42 you may most likely use Borders in Word wherever
(A)you want to feature stress to specific paragraphs
(B)you want to draw lines higher than and below or to left and right of paragraphs
(C)you want to surround the paragraphs with totally different designs  of boxes
(D)All of those

43 The info Toolbar choice ar applied
(A)to paragraph choice solely
(B)to character choice solely
(C)to each character furthermore as paragraph choices
(D)None of those

44 A page break is employed to try and do what?
(A)Create a brand new page at the insertion purpose
(B)Create a brand new page at rock bottom of the document
(C)Create a brand new page that can’t be deleted
(D)Create a blank page at the highest of the document

45 “In that Word menu, Letter wizard command appears”
(A)Format    (B)Tools    (C)Insert    (D)Table

46 “In Word, split cells command seems in employment menu.”
(A)Table    (B)Format    (C)Insert    (D)Tools

47 standing bar shows differing kinds of keys:
(A)Num lock key    (B)Scroll lock key  (C)Caps lock key  (D)All of those

48 In surpass the intersection of a row and column is named
(A)square    (B)cubicle    (C)cell    (D)worksheet

49 “In surpass, once a spread has been named, you’ll be able to move to a range”

(A)by choosing ranges victimisation the name box
(B)by choosing ranges victimisation the [F5] key
(C)both a and b
(D)None of those

50 one in every of the statements isn’t true:
(A)”In its default settings, a word processing system doesn’t write the text”
(B)Hyphenating helps once you ar addressing skinny columnar  text
(C)”By hyphenating, the appearance of the even skinny columns can look greatly

(D)Microsoft Word hyphenates text in its default settings.

51.Animation effects seems within the commonplace toolbar.
(A)True    (B)False

52 BIOS stands for Basic Integrated software system
(A)True    (B)False

53 LENGTH() operate is employed to seek out the length of the string.
(A)True    (B)False

54 The floating text (text not related to objects within the chart) can’t be affected within the chart space.

(A)True    (B)False

55 “Just as you’ll be able to preview a worksheet before printing, it’s uphill to

preview a chart.”
(A)True    (B)False

56 “To insert a header or footer in a very worksheet, choose Header and Footer

choice within the File menu.”
(A)True    (B)False

57 you’ll be able to add things to the beginning menu of windows
(A)True    (B)False

58 you’ll be able to swap over the practicality of the left and right mouse buttons
(A)True    (B)False

59 The AutoContent Wizard creates the structure and contents supported the

alternatives you create.
(A)True    (B)False

60 PowerPoint has quite twenty four slide layouts.
(A)True    (B)False

61 Bullets and listing seems within the commonplace toolbar.
(A)True    (B)False

62 The Cell/range names ar case sensitive.
(A)True    (B)False

63 you’ll be able to apply a colour scheme to this slide or to any or all slides in your presentation.

(A)True    (B)False

64 ninety nine sales may be a valid name for a cell or a spread.
(A)True    (B)False

65 PowerPoint permits you to differentiate your own animation effects.
(A)True    (B)False

66 net isn’t an ad data service.
(A)True    (B)False

67 The network NSFnet was later renamed as net.
(A)True    (B)False

68 The information processing address house is split into categories 5 altogether that are given letters A through E

(A)True    (B)False

69 The Request for Comments (RFCs) core topics ar net and therefore the TCP/IP protocol suites.

(A)True    (B)False

70 the rear and Forward buttons will be accustomed visit solely pages from a

similar web site
(A)True    (B)False

71 A protocol used for taking e-mail from a mailbox is POP1
(A)True    (B)False

72 All conversations on the IRC ar in English
(A)True    (B)False

73 the total variety of ISP is data supply supplier
(A)True    (B)False

74 “A emoticon, may be a sequence of standard printable characters, or a tiny low image, meant to represent somebody’s facial features Associate in Nursing convey an feeling.”

(A)True    (B)False

75 you’ll be able to stop victimisation the lexicon at any time by clicking the shut button.

(A)True    (B)False

76 The read menu in Word is employed to form header and footer.
(A)True    (B)False

77 Check boxes ar accustomed gift choices requiring individual on/off selections in Message boxes.

(A)True    (B)False

78 computer code is code that’s embedded in a very hardware device
(A)True    (B)False

79 Primary memory has higher storage capability than secondary memory.
(A)True    (B)False

80 Pressing F1 may be a common thanks to invoke facilitate in Windows?
(A)True    (B)False

81 “To choose a whole document in Word, move the pointer to the left of any document text till it changes to a right-pointing arrow, so double-click.”

(A)True    (B)False

82 [Ctrl]+[U] selects the italics vogue for the chosen text.
(A)True    (B)False

83 A blank line is additionally referred to as as a paragraph. it’s referred to as as Associate in Nursing empty paragraph.

(A)True    (B)False

84 [Del] key deletes the text to the left of the insertion purpose.
(A)True    (B)False

85 Word includes variety of AutoCorrect entries. we will use these entries however cannot modify them.

(A)True    (B)False

86 you’ll be able to produce your own dictionaries in Word.
(A)True    (B)False

87 “When you produce a formula that contains a operate, the Insert operate window helps you enter worksheet functions.”
(A)True    (B)False

88 “In Word, you’ll be able to amendment the character spacing from the toolbar.”

(A)True    (B)False

89 “e-commerce consists primarily of the distributing, buying, selling, marketing, and union of merchandise or services over electronic systems like the Internet”
(A)True    (B)False

90 Word templet doesn’t embrace vogue info.
(A)True    (B)False

91 The Blank online page templet of Word contains pre-formatted or pre-designed choices.
(A)True    (B)False

92 The Word organizer doesn’t copy the Auto-Text entries.
(A)True    (B)False

93 different cells with in a very row will have different heights.
(A)True    (B)False

94 The AutoFit to contents permits Word to widen or slender columns supported the contents you insert in Insert Table.

(A)True    (A)False

95 Print Preview of Word doesn’t permit you to try and do any writing.
(A)True    (A)False

96 “From the Mail Merge Helper window, you’ll be able to solely open Associate in Nursing existing information supply however cannot produce a brand new one.”

(A)True    (B)False

97 The name box is at the left finish of the formula bar
(A)True    (B)False

98 “In surpass, The delete and clear commands perform a similar operate.”
(A)True    (B)False

99 you can not amendment the Font variety of the whole book by one command. It will amendment solely worksheet by worksheet.
(A)True    (B)False

100 The orthography and descriptive linguistics check will solely be done once the text is chosen.
(A)True    (B)False

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