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Doeacc ccc answer key 2016 of NIELIT Gorakhpur Doeacc ccc sample Question paper pdf 2015 at exam date sheet that conducted on March April might June September post code it's additionally useful Doeacc A level b level c for gram vikas adhikari computer question paper 2016, OTET, MPPSC, MPSI, RRB examination paper set wise answer Free web site transfer Sheet this is that the main web site that in all uttar pradesh district that conduct ccc examination paper date with demo form

CCC Answer Key 2016 if you wish download then visit previous website as a result of DOECC each month january february, july august Nov conducts ccc exam as a result of UPSSSC, UKSSSC and MPPSC conducting these days group c post code paper like upsssc review officer cum rajaswa lekhpal computer question likewise sugarcane supervisor ganna paryavekshak and mp jet lekhpal recruitment 2016 ,is going on to enhance basic question level computer literacy programme for sophistication sixth seventh eighth ninth to twelfth and graduates BA BSC B.COM commerce in some posts samiksha adhikari additionally.

NIELIT ccc Answer sheet 2016 for Oct exam as example it revealed on 1st Sat of the Oct Month once the ccc answer key for resolved paper. ccc full form Course on computer thought, if you've got this ccc exam then you get several central government job and government State Forest Service Examination - 2014 conditional Model Answer Key technology.

In DBMS, information concerning data is hold on in
A Hard Disk
B information dictionary
D None of those
Answer Key: B

Q2: Brain of the pc is
B input device
D Output Units
Answer Key: C

Q3: frame buffer is termed as
A virtual memory
C I/O Buffer
D Video Memory
Answer Key: D

Q4: information regenerate into meaningful form is termed as
A File
B Directory
C information
D None of those

Answer Key: C

Q5: PARAM is AN example of whimsy computer
A Mainframe
B Mini
C Super
D Personal
Answer Key: C

Q6: SQL is a higher query language
A Procedural
B Non procedural
C Intermediate
D None of those
Answer Key: B

Q7: financial set-up software system that coverts assembly language program to machine language
A Compiler
B Interpreter
C program
D Loader
Answer Key: C

Q8: that of the subsequent device is employed to induce hardcopy graphics?
A Light Pen
B Plotter
C Monitor
D Joystick
Answer Key: B

Q9: data hold on in computer is in
A hex form
B integer type
C Binary form
D Character type
Answer Key: C

Q10: Convert (0.4375)10 = (?)2
A 0.010
B 0.1010
C 0.0111
D 0.1110
Answer Key: C

Q11: Subschema may be created using following SQL statement
A produce Index
B produce Table
C create view
D None of those
Answer Key: C

Binary addition of 10100 and 1111 is
A 100111
B 100011
C 101110
D 100010
Answer Key: B

Q13: In ‘C’ artificial language, dynamic memory is allotted victimization
B Arrays
C Pointers
D Queues
Answer Key: C

Q14: that of the subsequent memory is reinvigorated variety of times per second?
A Hard disk
D Dynamic RAM
Answer Key: D

Q15: Time taken to position the Read/Write head at the required track of disk is understood as
An interval
B seek time
C Latency time
D information transfer time
Answer Key: B