Types of Network

Types of network 

A computer network means a group of 'networked' computers i.e., computer that are linked by means of a communication system. A network can mean a small group of linked computers to a chain of a few hundred computers of different types (e.g., PCs, minis. mainframes etc. ). spread around the world .Thus, network vary in size. complexity and geographical apread. Mostly, computers are classified on the basis of geographical spread and on this basis, there can be  three types of networks.

  1. Local Area Network
  2. Metropolitan Area network 
  3. Wide Area Network 

Local Area Network 
Small computer netwroks that are confined to a localised area (e.g.,  an office, a building or a factory ) are known as Local Area Network (LANs). The key purpose of a LAN is to serve its users in resource sharing. The hardware as well as software resources are shared through LANs. For instance, LAN users can share data, information, programs. printer, hard disks, modems etc. 

Metropolitan Area Network 
Metropolitan Area Network  are the networks spread over a city . For example, cable TV network that are spread over a city , can be termed as metropolitan area networks. The purpose of a MAN is also the sharing of hardware and sofware resources among its users.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)
The networks spread across countries are known as WANs. A Wide Area Network (WANs) is a clusters of computers that are separated by giant distances and tied together. It can even be a group of LANs that are spread across many locations and connected  along to look like one big LAN. The WANs link computers to facilitate quick and economical exchange of data at lesser prices and higher speeds .