What is Network

Introduction - 

At home your computer might be connected to its own printer and scanner. This works well as you are the only person who will be using  them. But you must have noticed that much of the time, though, they probably aren't being used and just lie idle.

But at places where many computers are used such as your school or offices or banks etc, it would cost a lot of money for every computer to have its own printer. And for the majority of the time, like your printer at home, it would not be usd.

But by joining computers together to form a network, they are able to share one printer. This means that more money can be spent buying a better quality printer and that the printer is being used much moreof time. Now this one computer can be shared among a number of computers if they are inter-connected. Interconnected computers form the computer network.

As well as sharing hardware, a network allows computer or users to share software and data.


Networking, in general, refers to the creation of networks. Network is a group of devices linked to one another.For example, network of telephones, or radio network or cable network etc.
so, networking makes sharing of information and resources easier. Same way if we interconnect computers, it will form a network of computers.

Need of Networking 

The need for networking lies mainly to break the barriers of distance, time and cost. This is because the communications via computers can be done to any distance in very short amount of time and in very  cost-effective manner.
The need for networking can be summarized in these lines: the networking is needed because  :
1. It breaks the barriers of distance, cost and time.
2. It is very cost effective as compared to telephone networks
3. All types of data viz. text, audio, video, pictures, networks
Now that we have learnt about importance of networks, let us now learn more about them. That is, what all components make a networks etc. So, shall we move on to our next section, which deals with the same.