CCC Practice Paper 3

CCC question Paper unsolved  


1. Which of the following method can insert a new slide in current presentations ?

(a) Right click on the slide panel and choose New Slide

(b) From Insert menu Choose New slide

(c) Click on New Slide Button on toolbar 

(d) All of the Above 

2.Which of the following is not a part of Slide Design ?

(a) Design Template

(b) Color Scheme 

(c) Animation Scheme 

(d) Slide Layout 

3. What is the most ideal approach to make an alternate duplicate of a slide? 

(a) Click the slide then press Ctrl+a and apste in new slide 

(b) From Insert Menu Choose Duplicate Slide 

(c) Redo everything on another slide that you had done on past slide 

(d) None of the Above 

4. Which of the accompanying systems can not be utilized to enter information in a cell 

(a) Pressing a bolt key 

(b) Pressing the Tab Key 

(c) Pressing the Esc Key 

(d) Clicking the enter catch to the equation bar 

5. To duplicate organizing from one zone in a worksheet and apply it to an alternate region you would utilization: 

(a) The Edit > Copy Format and Edit > Paste Format charges from the menu 

(b) The Copy and apply Formatting dialog box, found under the configuration > Copy and apply menu 

(c) There is no real way to duplicate and apply designing in Excel you need to do it physically 

(d) The organization Painter catch on the standard toolbar 

6. In a worksheet you can choose 

(a) The whole worksheet 

(b) Rows 

(c) Columns 

(d) All of the Above 

7. Which range in an Excel window permits entering qualities amd equations 

(a) Title Bar 

(b) Menu Bar 

(c) Formula Bar 

(d) Standard Toolbar 

8. Which of the accompanying  is the most seasoned Spreadsheet bundle? 

(a) Visicalc 

(b) Lotus 1-2-3 

(c) Excel 

(d) Starcalc 

9. There can be may approaches to embed page number in a report. Which of the accompanying  gives you a chance to embed page number? 

(a) Page number from Insert menu 

(b) Page setup from record mennu 

(c) Footnote from supplement menu 

(d) Both An and B 

10. Where would you be able to discover the Draw table apparatus catch? 

(a) Standard Toolbar 

(b) Formatting Toolbar 

(c) Drawing toolbar 

(d) Tables and arranging toolbar 

11. Which of the accompanying alternatives in grind draw down menu is utilized to close a MS word report ? 

(a) Quit 

(b) Close 

(c) Exit 

(d) New 

12 Pentium 1 -to 4 processor is of 

(an) original 

(b) second era 

(c) third era 

(d) fourth era 

13.knowledge handling idea is of 

(a) First era 

(b) second era 

(c) third era 

(d) fourth era 

14. Which of the accompanying can be utilized as an essential memory? 

(a) Cartridge tape 

(b) Hard plate 

(c) Optical plate 

(d) None of these 

15.  Which one of the following is not an output device ?

(a)  Printer 

(b) Monitor 

(C) Keyboard 

(d) None of these 


16. Fi nd the odd one out 


(b) McAcfee

(c) eScan

(d) None of these 

17. The Name of file or folder _______Key is used 

(a) F1

(b) F2

(c) F3

(d) None of these 

18. One MB is equal to:

(a) 1 Million bytes

(b) The amount of RAM in every computer 

(c) 1024 KB

(d) 1 thousan bytes

19. The resolution of a printer is measured in 

(a) Megabits 

(b) Hz

(c) Dots per inch (DPI)

(d) Inches (diagonal )

20. The utility used to increase the speed of programs is called 

(a) Disk Fragmenter 

(b) Disk CLeanup 

(c) DIsk Formatter 

(d)  None of these  

21. Which of the following charts is not likely to be included in an analysis of presentations graphics package?

(a) Ba r

(b) Pie 

(c) Temperature 

(d) None of these

22. the printers that produce the output by pressing a print element and an linked ribbon against the face of a continous paper form is called 

(a) Impact Printers

(b) Scanning Printers

(c) Non-impact Printers 

(d) None of the above

23. In MS word you can force a page break:

(a) By positioning your cursor at an appropriate place and pressing the F1 key

(b) By using the insert / section break 

(c) By  positioning your cursor at a appropriate place and pressing Ctrl+Enter 

(d) By changing the font size of your document 

24. Embedded software is used in  

(a) On line Railway information system 

b) Mobile phone 

(c) E-learning software

(d) Multimedia Movies

25. In a spreadsheet, a statement that performs a calculations is called (an)

(a) Formula

(b) Reference 

(c) Argument 

(d) Paramenter 

26. Which of the following can be embedded into a slide 

(a) A web PAge 

(b) An Audio clip 

(c) A Video clip 

(d) All of the above 

27. which is a bootable disk ?

(a) the hard disk of a computer system 

(b) A disk which is used to load DOS into the RAM

(c) A mini floppy disk 

(d) A CD ROM 

28. The Number system that is the basis for computer operations as 

(a) Hexadecimal

(b) Octal System


(d) Binary system

29. CPU reads the informations from secondary memory 

(a) First information is transferred to main memory and from there, the CPU reads 

(b) Directly

(c) Through registers

(d) None of the above

30. which of the following is Diagnostic software ?

(a) Windows - XP

(b) Office - XP 

(c) Norton Antivirus 

(d) Unix

31. find the odd one out 

(a) Control Unit 

(b) ALU

(c) Registers

(d) Printer '

32. What is mean by a dedicated computer ?

(a) which is used by one person only 

(b) Which is assigned one and only one task 

(c) Which uses one kind of software '

(d) Which is meant for application software 

33. A computer program that converts and entire program into machine languages is called a /an?

(a) Interpreter

(b) Simulator 

(c) Compiler

(d) Commander

34. A computer program that translates one program instructions at a time into  a machine  languages is called a/an 

(a) Interpreter 

(b) CPU 

(c) compiler 

(d) None of the Above 

35. A computer consists of 

(a) A central processing unit 

(b) A memory 

(c) Input and Output unit

(d) All of the above 

36. An application program that helps the user to change any number and immediately should result of that change is ?

(a) Desktop publishing program 

(b) Database

(c) Spreadsheet 

(d) All of the Above

37. THe instructions for starting the computer are stored in 

(a) Random access memory 

(b) CD-ROM 

(c) Read only memory chip

(d) All of the above 


38. Pressing F8 key twice, chooses 

(an) An expression 

(b) A sentence 

(c) A passage 

(d) Entire archive 


39. By what method would you be able to handicap amplified choice mode? 


(a) Press F8 again to impair 

(b) Press Del to impair 

(c) Press Esc to impair 


(d) Press Enter to impair


40. what is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol?

(a) Alt+ Ctrl+C 

(b) Alt+ C

(c) Ctrl + C 

(d) Ctrl + Shift + C

41. What is the smallest and largest font size available in font size tool on formatting toolbar 

(a) 8 and 72 

(b) 8 and 64

(c) 12 and 72 

(d) none of these 

42. Which of the following is graphics solutions for word processors 

(a) Clip art 

(b) Word Art 

(c) Drop Cap

(d) All of the Above

43. Which statement is valid about magnetic tape?

(a) It is a plastic ribbon  

(b) It is coated on both sides with iron oxide

(c) It can be erased and reused

(d) All of Above 

44. FLASH is a 

(a) ROM

(b) Software 

(c) Hardware 

(d) None of these 


45.Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on

(a) tracks per inch of surface 

(b) bits per inch of tracks

(c) disk pack in disk surface

(d) All of Above 

46. WAN stands for 

(a) Wap area Network

(b) Wide Area Network

(c) Wide Array Net

(d) Wireless Area Network 

47. Which of the following is not computer language?

(a) High Level Language

(b) Medium Level Language 

(c) Low Level Language 

(d) All of Above

48.Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation program?

(a) Machine Language 

(b) Assembly Language 

(c) High Level Language 

(d) None of above

49. A printer image quality is usually measured in

(a) Character per second 

(b) Pages per minute

(c) Dots per inch 

(d) pixels 

50.Wha to folders let you do?

(a) Organize hte files on a disk 

(b) Ensures that the computer starts properly 

(c) Names  Your files 

(d) Creates a file allocation table  

True Or False

51. Different cells in a column can have different width 

52. You cannot open two different works book in excel simultaneously .

53. You can add dates to worksheets, but spreasheet cannot use dates in calculations linux is a proprietary software

54. The kernel is a program that constitutes the central core of a computer operating system 

56. the print command is used to print a text file on printer int he background mode 

57. Data stored on magnetic disk can be accessed directly 

58. Ctrl+B is used to make the text bold in MS word 

59. The key strokes Ctrl+; are used to enter current tiem in Excel 

60. To be computer literate, you must be able to write computer programs 

61. The primary function of I/O peripherals is to faciliate computer -to- computer data transmission 

62. Dot-matrix printer technology is available in serial and line printer .

63. The standard toolbar has buttons for the same for the most common tasks you perform in powerpoint, such as saving,printing or spell checking a presentations 

64. ROM, which stands for read only memory and is also known  as firmware, cannot be written on or erased by the computer user. 

65.Top of the line laser printers offer resolutions as high as 300 dpi. 

66. A Kilobyte is pretty nearly 1,000 bytes. 

67. The  language binary comprises of two digits 0 and 1 

68. When you associate with the web your machine is speaking  with a server at your web access supplier (ISP) 

69. THe most common type of memory that the  computer uses to process data is ROM.

70. A web browser is a special device that is installed in your computer that allows it to  communicate with other devices on the network 

71. Being computer fluent means  that you should be able to build a computer yourself 

72. The CPU and memory are locatd on a special circuit in the system unit called the motherboard 

73. Hard disk drives and CD drives are examples of storage devices.

74. The devices you use to enter data into a computer are known as input devices.

75. Main memory is a software component 

76. A computer CD-ROM drive can read data disk, but it cannot play audio CDs

77. The first successful GUI appeared on the Macintosh computer in 1984.


78. In its default setting, workbook is made up to 3 sheets and the number can be extended up to 255 sheets.

79. Word keeps track of the last seven used files.

80. Normal view is used for typing, editing , and formatting 

81. Non printing characters like spacebar, enter key tab key, etc. are not printed on paper when you print a document 

82.web layout view wraps text to file the window.

83. A word processor package may have the facility for checking the spelling of word in a document.

84. In order to edit a chart you can double click the chart object .

85. A formula is always to be proceeded by specific operator like + or 

86. Function keys are programmable keys 

87. The operating system provide the interface that a software application program need communciate  with the PC.

88. To add  a header or footer to your handout you can use handout master.

89. is a websites URL

90. The octal number system has a base of 8 using number from 1 to 8

91. The first generation computer used valve technology 

92. Motherboard is the main circuit board in the computer where memory, CPU and other components are plugged in.

93. Cache memory makes memory transfer rates higher and thus raises the speed of the processor.

94. The laser printer uses a technology called thermal process.

95. you can protect scenario so other users cannot change or modify it .

96. Without a mouse one cannot work with MS WINDOWS

97. Folders organize files on a disk 

98. In linux, error messages are placed in a standard byte stream called the standard error.

99. In DOS system FATs are stored before boot sector 

100. #REF! Error in MS Excel occurs when the formula to an invalid cell.