Trouble Shooting

Computer is user-friendly. However, at times it may cause embarrassment due to negligence of maintenance. Trouble shooting is classified into two types:

        a)      Hardware Trouble Shooting

        b)      Software Trouble Shooting

      Hardware Trouble Shooting

(a)  Check all the Cable connections of PC right from power supply (UPS). All the connections to be firm. Earthing resistance for the UPS power supply should be less than 3 ohms
(b)In case any hardware problem, the error message will be displayed in the monitor with error code. Do accordingly as per instructions displayed in the monitor.
(c) Computer reboots on its own indicated that some of he cables are not engaged properly. Refit it properly.

      Software Trouble Shooting

a) In case if the system is not booting, one have to boot it with bootable floppy disk, which has system to make the computer function.(b) In case system facing difficulty, press F8 function key. The interactive booting menu will appear. Choose safe mode. Now system will be booting with minimum most options. We can view the desktop and correct the software problem.


      Safety Precautions

        a)   Computer should be placed in a dust free place/room

        b)    Proper power supply should be provided through UPS

        c)     Power cable cord should be properly connected to CPU, Monitor and printer.

        d)    Outside Floppy disk should not be used. If required, then it should be first scanned for virus.

        e)   Secret/confidential files should not be kept in the hard disk. It should be stored in a floppy disk and to be kept under lock and key.

        f)    All floppies, CDs and Zip Diskettes should be kept under lock and key when not in use.

        g)  Switching ON and switching OFF procedure should be strictly followed.

       h)      Proper Log Book entry should be made.