World Wide Web Uses

Uses of world wide web

The world wide web is a network of electronic files stored on various computers all over the world.Hyper text links all these files together. Addresses unique to particular files are used to locate these files. The WWW is extensively used for following:
Experienced users are constantly inundated with complaints about how useless the internet has became because too much information is available.When one website can index over 50 million pages you obviously can find a lot of information.A great deal of information is available, yes.But tools are available to help you find what you need.ALso,though it may look like it at first, the web does have an organization that enables you to span vast distances of resources in a short period of time instead of wasting time in other means.


The essence of networking has always been  the desire to communicate and that too in the fastest way possible. Electronic mail or E-mail is the application that achieves this with case.
E-mail resolves around the concept of an address. E-mail addresses are relatively easy to understand. Every E-mail addresses has three necessary elements.
User -ID:Every person with an E-mail addresses has a user identification of some sort.
@  :This sign connects the user ID with the domain.
Domain :Every E-mail address the one domain name.
so the full address having all three preceding parts looks as:
students=user ID
yahoomail=domain(service provider)
.co=kind of service(commercial)
.in=India (country code).
Email is the most common facility of internet. User can get E-mail acccount by sign up on website providing free E-mail facilities e.g.,,,,,, etc.or paid facility.Through E-mail we can send letters, pictures, greetings, cliping, messages.