World Wide Web (WWW). Internet resources are managed and downloaded by world wide web servers. The web is a distributed hyper-text based information system developed at CERN by Tim Burner-Lee in  1989.


8 Integrated services digital network(ISDN):-As the analog transmission and switching components were rendered obsolete by superior digital ones,a new set of protocols was needed to allow their full potential to be realised.ISDN provides framework for the developement of these components and protocols.ISDN represents a logical migration of the voice oriented IDN(integrated digital network)toward a network that serves multiple purpose-voice,data,video,facsimile,and all other forms of electronic communication,regardless of the source.
ISDN can be characterised in two ways

a) As a bundle of services offered for the transmission of voice, data, and other forms of communication via the switched telephone networks of the  world

b) As a set of protocols that defines a standard interface to the network, allowing many vendors to supply both hardware and software that make advantages of the services offered.

9) Remote Access Service (RAS):- RAS connects remote or mobile machines to corporate machines.RAS supports WAN connection, protocols, and security features. Remote Clients can connect to a RAS server through the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network),ISDN