Internet Components


(a) computer

(b) Modem (Modulator & Demodulator):- Modem is on of the most important devices,which determines how fast or slow your internet connection will be.This is a device used for connecting a device to a telephone line.It translate the computer language to that of the phone and also other way round.

(c) Software-The only other software required on the computer besides Window 95 is a web browser like Internet explorer or Netscape navigator will do.All other software required to connect to the internet,surf the WWW,send and recieve email or download files comes along with windows 95.No other software is required.

(d) Phone Lines

(e) ISP(Internet Service Provider)
.ISP is an organisation, which sells internet connectivity to the interested people.

Agencies and Funtion

a) Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)-Based at the university of southern california information sciences institute, IANA is the in-charge of all unique parameters of the internet,including IP addresses.Each domain is associated with a unique IP address, a numerical name consisting of four blocks of up to three digits each,example 204,146,46,8,which systems use to direct information through the network
b)Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF).The IETF is a large open international community of Network designers, operators vendors and researchers concerned with the evolution of the internet architecture and the smooth operation of the internet. It is open to any interested individual. The IETF is the protocol engineering and development arm of the Internet.The actual technical work of the IETF is done in its working groups,which are organized by topic into several areas (e.g routing, transport, security etc). Much of the work is handled via Mailing list.The IETF holds meetings three per year.

c)National Information Centres(NICs).There are a number of NICs located throughout the internet to serve its users with documentation, guidance, advice,and assistance.As the Internet continous to grow internationally we need for high quality NIC functions increases.