C Programming History

C Programming History

C is a programming language which was developed by Dennis Ritchie in AT and T Laboratories of USA in1972 with the help of Ken Thompson and his team.C is a combination and modify version of B,BPCL,CPL languages,C language specially written to design UNIX Operating system.


1-B Language developed by KenThompson

2-BPCL and CPL are the Base of B Language

3-BPCL was created by Martin Richards in 1966

4-CPL was developed by Christopher Strachey and David Barron from the University of London and University of Cambridge.

5-CPL is a combined programming language,BPCL is basicCPL.

6-CPL has many drawback but one of the most important drawback is too large for using many type of application.

7-BPCL were created as a version of CPL with reducing some drawback.

8-In 1970 Ken Thompson developed B language as a scaled down version of BPCL in BELL labs.

9-At last Thompson and Ritchie both worked together at language B today we Know as C