C About

  17 Facts About C

   1- C was invented to write an operating system called UNIX.

   2-C is a successor of B language which was introduced around 1970

   3-The language was formalized in 1988 by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

   4-The UNIX OS was completely written in C By 1973.

   5-Presently C is the most spreadly used and popular System Programming Language.

   6-Most of the state of the art software's have been implemented using C.

   7-C programs are portable i.e they can  be run on any compiler with little or no modification.

   8-Provide wide variety of data types

  9-C is only language whose compiler written in c language itself

 10-Today's most popular Linux OS and RBDMS MySQL have been written in C.
 11-Highly portable and machine independent
 12-32 keywords are used

 13- Inbuild library functions
 14-Easily programming and Efficient to use

 15-Fast and user friendly

 16-It is case sensitive each and every alphabet will be used in small letter
 17-Today C is the most widely used System Programming Language.