What is Computer

A computer can be described as a fast accurate electronic data manipulating system which is designed to automatically accept and store input data,process them and produce output result under the direction of a stored program or set of instruction.

Computer is highly advanced electronic equipment which device that takes task as a form of input from the user and after processes underneath the control of set of instructions that is also called program and gives the result in the form which are called Output of computer. Computer process both arithmetic and non-arithmetic calculations. 

You Know my friend - Grand father of computer is Charles Babbage. He was the first person which designed mechanical computer that was called Analytical Engine. Generally it is used as read only memory the form of punch card.


The computer performs three fundamental steps.

Input (Data)
The Data that is provided to the computer to process it is called as input


The input we receive is process by the CPU and result is displayed on the screen


The overall result that we get after processing is called output


Principle of operation/Classific

1. Analog - This type of computer generally used for measure voltage, temp, pressure etc. i.e- car speedometer

2.Digital -It generally works on discrete or number which is 0 and 1. example- P.C

3.Hybrid- It is one of the best combination of both Analog and hybrid, because it contains both  feature of Analog and hybrid.


1.Personal Computer -It is low processing power and storage capacity and based on micro processor chips .example 

2. Mini-It is very small and cheaper, it is also called the mini version of Mainframe. Efficient storage of handling text, Example- V AX-II, PDP-II, DEC V AX 8800

3.Mainframe- Used for very large purpose handling scientific purpose, commercial application, It has huge capacity power and storage section, it is generally 32 bit or higher, Spaces in Giga byte ,Example- Medha, DEC, IBM 3033/3090

4.Super Computer-It is used to capable 10,000 million Instruction Per second (MIPS) it has million of storage capacity, In this type , they have multiple CPUs used simultaneously.Example - CRAY, Y-2, ETA, HITACHI, PARAM 9000

Purpose of Computer 

1.General Purpose -This type of computer used for General Sales, analysis, Financial accounting, management info.

2.Special Purpose- This type of system used for very special purpose such as Scientific use, research, weather forecast, space, medical use .


1. Single User- use only one user at a time with single task to computer 

2. Multi-user- As mention , that is Multi user , it has huge capacity to used multi user at a time with one or more different