Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys, All Computer Shortcut keys, CCC Shortcut keys, Hindi Typing Shortcut keys t is also useful for various exams.

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys Related to all Competitive Computer exam such as Computer Bank Exams, High Court ARO/RO Computer Exams 2018, SSC Exams, and most Importantly 50 Shortcut keys list asked in DOEACC CCC Exam Question Paper, mostly asked keys in Previous CCC Exam 2018-2019 conduct by NEILIT/DOEACC.

CCC Exam All Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys download related to basic computer, which frequently asked in Various Computer Based Exams, CCC online Exams, soon updated with more shortcut keys from a to z.

General Keys:

F1                                           Universal help in most programs

Ctrl +a                                    select All

Ctrl +s                                    save

Ctrl +p                                   Print

Ctrl +f                                    Find

F3                                           Find

Ctrl +c                                    copy

Ctrl +v                                    paste

Ctrl + x                                   cut

Ctrl +z                                    undo

F5                                           Refreshes the content

F10                                         Activate the menu bar

Alt + F4                                  Close current program in window


Microsoft office shortcut keys:

Ctrl + n                                  New

Ctrl + b                                  Bold

Ctrl + u                                  underline

Ctrl + I                                    Italics

Ctrl + h                                  find and Replace

Ctrl + Home                          Goes to the top of the file

Ctrl + END                            Goes to the bottom of the file

Ctrl + F6                                Moves between open instances

Ctrl + F4                                Save and close


Windows system key combinations :

F1                                            Help

CTRL+ESC                             Open Start menu

ALT+TAB                                 Switch between open programs

ALT+F4                                   Quit program

SHIFT+DELETE                     Delete item permanently

Windows logo+L                     Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)


Mouse click/keyboard modifier combinations for shell objects :

SHIFT+ right click             Displays a shortcut menu containing alternative commands

SHIFT+double click          Runs the alternate default command (the second item on the menu)

ALT+double click              Displays properties

SHIFT+DELETE               Deletes an item immediately without placing it the recyle bin


General keyboards only commands :

F1                                        Start window help

F10                                      Activate menu bar options

SHIFT+F10                         Opens a shortcut menu for the selected item (this is the same as right clicking an object

CTRL+ESC                          Opens the Start menu (use the ARROW keys select an item)

CTRL+ESC or ESC            Selects the Start button (press TAB to select the taskbar , or press SHIFT+F10 for a context menu)

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC            Opens Windows Task Manager

ALT+DOWN ARROW         Opens a drop down box

ALT+TAB                            Switch to another running program (hold down the ALT key and then press the TAB key to view the task-switching window)

SHIFT:                                Press and hold down the SHIFT key while you insert a CD-ROM to bypass the automatic-run feature

ALT+SPACE                       Displays the main window’s system menu (from the system menu you can restore, move, resize, minimize,   maximize, or c                       close the window)

ALT+-  (ALT+hyphen)        Displays the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) child window’s system menu (from the MDI child window’s system menu you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, or close the child window)

CTRL+TAB                         Switch to the text child window of a multiple Document Interface (MDI) program

ALT+underlined               Opens the menu

Letter in menu

ALT+F4                              close the current window

Ctrl+F4                              Close the current Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Window

ALT+F6                             Switch between multiple windows in the same program (for example, when the Notepad Find dialog box is displayed , ALT+F6 switches between the  Find dialog box and the main Notepad window)


Windows Explorer shortcut :

F2                                        Rename object

F3                                        Find all files

ALT+ENTER                       open the properties for the selected object


To copy a file

Press and hold down the CTRL key While you drag the file to another folder.

To create a shortcut

Press and hold down CTRL+SHIFT While you drag a file to the desktop or a folder


General folder /shortcut control

F4                                         Selects the Go to A Different Folder box and moves down the entries in the box (if the toolbar is active in Windows Explorer )

F5                                         Refreshes the current window

F6                                         Moves among panes in windows Explorer

CTRL+G                               Opens the Go to Folder tool (in Windows 95 Windows Explorer only)

CTRL+A                               Select all the items in the current window

BACKSPACE                       Switch to the parent folder

SHIFT+Click+                        For folders, close the current folder

close button                           plus all parents folders


Microsoft Natural Keyboard keys

Windows Logo:               Start menu

Windows                          Run dialog box

Logo +R:

Windows                          Minimize all


SHIFT+ Windows            undo minimize all

Logo +M:

Windows                          Help


Windows                          Windows Explorer


Windows                          Find files or Explorer


Windows                          Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop


Ctrl+Windows                 find computer


Windows                          Cycle through taskbar button


Windows                          System Properties dialog box


Application key:              Displays a shortcut menu for the selected item


Dialog box keyboard command

Tab: Move to the next control in the dialog box

SHIFT+TAB:  Move to the previous control is a button this Clicks the button. If the current control is a check box this toggles the check box. If the current control is an option this selects the option.

ENTER:                                  Equivalent to clicking the selected button (the button

With the outline)

ESC:                                       Equivalent to clicking the cancel button



Working with text and paragraphs

Ctrl+Shift+A                        Format selected text as all caps

Ctrl+Shift+C                        Copy the format of the selected text

Ctrl+D                                   Display the format font dialog box

Ctrl+E                                    Center the selected paragraph

Ctrl+Shift+H                        Apply hidden text formatting  to the selected text

Ctrl+J                                     justify the selected paragraph

Ctrl+K                                   Insert the hyperlink within the selected text

Ctrl+Shift+K                        Format select text as small caps

Ctrl+L                                    Left align the selected paragraph

Ctrl+M                                  Indent the selected paragraph from the left

Ctrl+Q                                   Remove paragraph formatting from selected paragraph

Ctrl+R                                   Right align the selected paragraph

Ctrl+T                                    Apply a hanging indent to the selected paragraph

Ctrl+Shift+D                        Double-underline the selected text

Ctrl+Shift+W                      Underline the selected words but not spaces

Ctrl+Shift+V                        Paste copied format

Ctrl+O                                   Add/Remove one line space before the selected


Ctrl+1                                   Apply single space lines to the selected text

Ctrl+2                                   Apply double space lines to the selected text

Ctrl+5                                   Apply 1.5 space lines to the selected text

Ctrl+Equal sign                   Subscript he selected text

Crl+Shift+Plus sign            Superscript the selected text

Ctrl+Shift+Q                        Apply symbol font to the selected text

Ctrl+Shift+F                        Change the selected text’s font

Ctrl+Shift+P                        Change the selected text’s font size

Ctrl+Shift+>                        Increase the selected text’s font size by one point

Ctrl+Shift+<                        Decrease the selected text’s font size by one point

Ctrl+]                                    Increase the selected text’s font size by one point

Ctrl+[                                    Decrease the selected text’s font size by one point

Shift+Enter                          insert a line break

Ctrl+Enter                            insert a page break

Ctrl+Shift+Enter                  insert a section break

Alt+Ctrl+C                            insert the copyright symbol

Alt+Ctrl+R                            insert the registered trademark symbol

Alt+Ctrl+Period                  insert and ellipsis


Printing and previewing

Ctrl+P                                   Display the file  Print dialog box

Alt+Ctrl+I                              Switch in and out of Print preview

Ctrl+Home                          Move to the document’s first preview page

Ctrl+End                               Move to the document’s last preview page


Working with styles

Alt+Ctrl+K                            Enable Auto format

Ctrl+Shift+L                         Apply the list style to the selected text

F1                                          Display Word Help dialog box

Shift+F1                               Open Reveal formatting dialog box or open context

Sensitive Word Help

F2                                          Move selected text of object

Shift+F2                               Copy the selected text

F3                                          Insert Auto Text

Shift+F3                               Change the case of the selected text

F4                                          Repeat last action

Shift+F4                               Repeat find or Go to

F5                                          Display the edit Go to dialog box

Shift+F5                               Move to the last change

F6                                          Move to the next pane or frame

Shift+F6                               Move to the previous pane or frame



Ctrl+ à                                Last Cell in row

Ctrl+ß                                 First Cell in Row

Ctrl+ Down arrow             Last Cell in Column

Ctrl+ Up arrow                   First Cell in column

Ctrl+Home                          Left Top Cell

Ctrl+END                              Right Bottom Cell

Ctrl+Shift+Home               Select from active Cell to A 1

Ctrl+Shift+END                  Select from active cell to last Cell in range

Ctrl+Page Up                      Back one Tab

Ctrl+Page Down                Forward one tab

Ctrl+TAB                              Move between Workbooks

Ctrl+F6                                 Moves Between Workbooks

Shift+F11                              Adds new Tab


Data Entry

Ctrl+.,                                   Enters current date

Ctrl+Shift.,                           Enters current time

Ctrl+’                                     Copied the Value from the above cell

Ctrl+’                                     Shows Formulas

Ctrl+d                                    Copied values and format from above cell

Ctrl+r                                     Copied value and format from cell to the left



Ctrl+1                                   Format cell window

Ctrl+Shift+’                         Applies the general number format


Ctrl+Shift+4                        Applies the currency format

Ctrl+Shift+5                        Applies the percent format

Ctrl+Shift+6                        Applies the scientific format

Ctrl+Shift+3                        Applies the date format (15-Mar-13)uy

Ctrl+Shift+2                        Applies the time format (12:00PM)

Ctrl+Shift+1                        Applies number format with comma and –sign

Ctrl+8                                   Select Cells in region


Selection and Hiding

Ctrl+SPACEBAR                  Select column (s)

Shift+SPACEBAR                Select Row(s)

Ctrl+9                                   Hides selected rows

Ctrl+0                                   Hides selected Columns

Ctrl+Shift+9                        Unhides selected rows

Ctrl+Shift+0                        Unhides selected column


Dialog boxes

Shift+F3                               Opens Formula dialog box

Ctrl++                                   Opens Insert dialog box



Ctrl+F4                                 Save and close

Alt+F4                                   Save close and Exit             


Ctrl+N                                   New Presentation

Ctrl+O                                   Open Presentation

Ctrl+W                                  Close Presentation

Alt+F4                                   Quit PowerPoint

Ctrl+Q                                   Quit PowerPoint

Ctrl+S                                    Save

F12                                        Save as

Ctrl+M                                  New Slide

Ctrl+P                                   Print

Ctrl+Z                                    Undo

Ctrl+Y                                    Redo

Ctrl+K                                   Hyperlink

F1                                          Help

F7                                          Spell Check

Shift+F7                               Thesaurus

Alt+F8                                   Macros



Ctrl+B                                   Bold

Ctrl+I                                     Italic

Ctrl+U                                   Underline

Shift+F3                               Change Case

Ctrl+E                                    Centre Align

Ctrl+L                                    Left Align

Ctrl+R                                   Right Align


Handling objects

Ctrl+G                                   Grids and Guides

Ctrl+Shift+G                        Group Objects

Ctrl+Shift+H                         Ungroup Objects

Ctrl+Shift+J                         Regroup Objects

Arrow Keys                         Nudge Object One Grid Unit

Shift+Resize                        Resize Maintaining Properties

Shift+Drag                           Move While Maintaining Alignment

Shit+Ctrl+Drag                    Copy While Maintaining Drag Alignment


Selection and Navigation

Ctrl+ F                                   Find

Ctrl+ H                                  Replace

Ctrl+ Enter                           Next Placeholder

Ctrl+ Home                         Start of Presentation

Ctrl+ End                               End of Presentation Page Up or Up arrow

Page Down or Next Slide Down Arrow

Ctrl+ A                                  Select All

Shift+ Home                       Select the Rest of the Presentation Before the cursor

Shift+ End                            Select the Rest of the Presentation After the cursor

Tab                                        Next object

Shift+ Tab                            Previous Object


Moving and Copying

Ctrl+ X                                  Cut

Ctrl+ C                                  Copy

Ctrl+ V                                  Paste

Ctrl+ D                                  Duplicate

Click and Drag                   Move

Ctrl+ Click and Drag          copy


Slide Show                          

F5                                          Begin Slide Show

Esc                                         End Slide Show

Ctrl+ P                                  Change Pointer to Pen

Ctrl+ H                                  Hide Pointer

Click+ A                                Change Pointer to Arrow

Ctrl+ E                                   Change Pointer to Eraser

Ctrl+ M                                 Show/Hide Ink Markup

E                                             Erase Ink on Screen

Number then                      Got to that slide Enter

Ctrl + S                                  All Slides Dialogue Box

B                                             Blacks/Unblacks the Screen

Redo                                     Ctrl+ Y

Reload                                  F5 or Ctrl+ R

Reload                                   (override Ctrl +F5 Cache)

Select All                              ctrl+ A

Select Location                   Alt +D,F4 or Ctrl+Tab


Stop                                      Esc

Undo                                     Ctrl+Z


Internet Explorer Navigation

Ctrl+B                                   (Open the Organize Favorites dialog box)

Ctrl+E                                    (Open the Search bar)

Ctrl+F                                    (Start the Find Utility)

Ctrl+H                                   (Open the History bar)

Ctrl+I                                     (Open the Favorites bar)

Ctrl+L                                    (Open the Open dialog box )

Ctrl+N                                    (Start another instance of the browser with the same Web address)

Ctrl+O                                   (Open the Open dialog box the same as Ctrl+L)

Ctrl+P                                   (Open the Print dialog box )

Ctrl+R                                   (Update the current Web page )

Ctrl+W                                  (Close the current Window)


Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcut

Ctrl+ D                                               Add Bookmark

Backspace or Alt+Ctrl+I                Back Bookmarks

Ctrl+ W or Alt+F4                           Close Window

Ctrl+ Enter                                        Complete .com Address

Ctrl+ C                                               Copy

Ctrl+ X                                               Cut

Delete                                                Delete

Delete individual Form Auto Complete Entry

Ctrl+ F                                                Find in This page

Shift + Backspace                           Forward

Or Alt +Down                                  Go Down One Line

Up                                                       Go Up One Line

PgDn                                                  Go Down on Page

PgUp                                                  Go Up One page

End.                                                    Go to Bottom Of Page

Home                                                 Go to Top of Page

F11                                                     Full Screen

F1                                                       Help

Ctrl+ H                                               History

Alt + Home                                       Home Page

Ctrl+ N                                               New Window

Ctrl+ O                                               Open File

Enter                                                  Open Link

Shift + Enter                                     Open Link in New Window

Ctrl+ F3                                             Page Source

Ctrl+ V                                               Paste

Ctrl+ P                                               Print


Shortcuts Keys For Mozila Firefox

Ctrl+ D                                               Add bookmarks

Ctrl + B                                              Bookmarks

Ctrl+ Shift+ I                                    DOM Inspector

Ctrl +J                                                Downloads

F11                                                     Full Screen View

F1                                                       Help

Ctrl+ H                                               History

Ctrl+ U                                               Page Source

Ctrl+ P                                               Print


F5                                                       Refresh Page

Ctrl+ F5                                             Refresh Page & Cache

Ctrl+ S                                                Save Page As


Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + Left Arrow                                 Back

Down                                                 Down One Line

Page Down                                       Down One  Page

Ctrl+ O                                               File Open

Alt + Right Arrow                                 Forward

F6                                                       Frame Next

Shift+ F6                                             Frame Previous

Alt+ Home                                           Home Page

Ctrl+ L                                                 Jump to Address bar

Ctrl+ K                                                Jump to Search Bar

End                                                    Page Bottom

Home                                                  Page Top

Esc                                                      Stop

Ctr+ W                                               Tab Close

Ctrl+ T                                                Tab New

Ctrl+Tab                                             Tab Next

Crl+ Shift+ Tab                                 Tab Previous

Ctrl + [1-9]                                          Tab Select

Up                                                         One Line

Page up                                             Up One Page

Alt+ F4                                               Window Close

Ctrl+ N                                               Window New


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