The characteristics of computer are high speed of operation,accuracy, reliability, capabilities, limitations, flexibility, and economy coupled with efficiency in storing and processing data. Computer  characteristics have capabilities and also limitations to do work.

Internal processes of computer operate at the speed of light, limited only by the program that control these processes and the quantum of data under the speed with which computers perform is wat beyond human capabilities. It can carry out instructions at a very high speed obediently, uncritically and without exhibiting any emotions .The speed of computer is calculated in milliseconds(10-3) .The unit of speed are in microseconds(10-6),nanoseconds(10-9) ,and even picosecond(10-12) .

The Accuracy of a computer is consistently high. Error can occur,but these are almost always due to human error rather than technological weaknesses. Imprecise thinking by the programmer, inaccurate data or poorly designed systems is the origin of error.Computer error arising due to incorrect data input or unreliable program are often referred to as GIGO(garbage- in garbage -out)

Unlike human beings,a computer does not suffer from limitations associated with living beings like tiredness and lack of concentration and hence can work for hours at a stretch without error arising from the above(non-existent) faults. As a result, computers score over human beings in performing rountine tasks that require a high degree of accuracy.This characteristics is especially useful for those jobs where same tasks is done again and again. It can perform long and complex calculations with same speed and accuracy from the start till the end. if a million calculations need to be performed,a computer will perform the millionth calculation with exactly the same accuracy and speed as the first one

Computer are capable of performing any task. Multi-processing features of computer makes it quiet versatile in nature. Provided the task can be reduced to a series of logical steps.For example a task such as preparing a payroll can be broken down into a logical sequence of operations and is therefore ideal for computerised processing.

The computers have a lot of a storage devices which can store a tremendous amount of data. Information can therefore be retainedas long as desired and recalled as and when required.

A computer does not possess any intelligence of its own. It can perform only those tasks that can be broken down into a series of logical steps. Therefore, it needs to be told what it has to do and in what sequence.

Flexibility would involve the number of things you can do with a computer. While some are best used for simple business tasks, and simple categorizing and filing sort of tasks, others are good for multimedia, gaming, and so on.

The term reliability refers to the ability of a computer-related hardware or software component to consistently perform according to its specifications.

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