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DOEACC CCC ( Course on computer concept ) major chapter are :- Introduction to computer, GUI based operating system, Elements of word processing, Spreadsheet, Computer communication, and internet, WWW and Web Browser, Communication and Collaboration, Making small representations.This is major syllabus content of CCC and now we provide chapter wise sub headings of syllabus,CCC syllabus 2019 and question paper hints etc.This post is very helpful to meet the growing need of the readers to get the answers online Examinations of Course on computer concept (CCC). It is observed that most of the blogs on internet do not cover the whole syllabus of the courses so as to get the answers to all the questions likely to be asked in the CCC online examinations. We have pressed the into service all our experience in answering most of the questions that may be asked in the future DOEACC CCC online test.
We have included solved Questions Papers set and a set of unsolved sample questions Papers for practice. we hope this portal very helpful for you blog will help to you for answering the questions asked in the online CCC examinations.Good luck to the readers of this blog to get success in the CCC online examinations.This blog post according to Latest CCC Syllabus 2019 pattern . CCC exam syllabus 2019 self study course last year doeacc Nielit pattern of ccc syllabus 2019 pdf format  of solved sample model question paper with answer in Hindi and English in gtu mode to download now available.  ccc made simple according to doeacc syllabus

Introduction of Computer for DOEACC CCC Syllabus
1.What is computer?
1a.History of computers
1b.Characteristics of Computer system
1c.Basic Applications of Computer

2.Components of computer System
2a.Central Processing Unit
2b.Keyboard and Mouse and VDU
2c.Other Input  devices
2d.Other Output devices
2e.Computer Memory

3.Concept of Hardware and Software

3a.1 Applications software
3b.2 System Software

4.Representations of Data/ Information

5.Concept of Data processing

6. Applications of IECT
6a. e-governance
6b. Multimedia and Entertainment

Introduction to GUI Based Operating System
7. Basics of operating system
7a. Operating system
7b. Basics of popular operating system (LINUX, WINDOWS)

8. The user interace
8a. Task Bar
8b. Start Menu
8c. Icons
8d. Running an Application

9.Operating System Simple setting
9a. Changing System Date and Time
9b. Changing Display Properties
9c. To add or Remove A windows  component
9d. Changing Mouse Proproties
9e.Adding and removing printers

10. File and Directory management

11. Types and Files

Elements of Word Processing

12. Word Processing Basics

12a. Opening Word Processing package
12c. MEnu bar
12d. Using the icons below Menu Bar
12e. Using the help

13. Opening and closing documents
13a. Opening Documents
13b. Save and Save as
13c. Page setup
13d. Print Preview
13e. Printing of Documents

14. Text Creation and manipulation
14a. Document Creation
14b. Editing Text
14c. Text Selection
14d. Cut, Copy and paste
14e. Font and Size selection
14f. Alignment of Text

15.Formatting the text
15a. Paragraph identing
15b. Bullets and Numbering
15c. Change case

16. Table manipulation
16a. Draw Table
16b. Changing cell width and height
16c. Alignment of text in cell
16d. Delete/ Insertion of row and column
16e. Border and shading


16 Elements of electronic spreasheet
16a.Opening of spreadsheet
16b. Addressing of cells
16c. Printing of spreadsheet
16d. Saving Workbooks

17. Manipulation of Cells
17a. Entering Text, Numbers, and Dates
17b. Creating text, Number and Date Series
17c. Editing Worksheet Data
17d. Inserting and Deleting Rows, Column
17e. Changing Cell Height and width

18 Function of Charts
18a. Using Formulas
18b. Function
18c. Charts

Computer Communication and Internet

19.Basic of computer networks
19a. Local Area Network(LAN)
19b.  Wide Area Network (WAN)

20. Internet
20a. Concept of Internet
20b. Basics of Internet Architecture

21. Service on Internet
21a. World Wide Web and websites
21b. Comunication on Internet
21c. Internet Services

22. Preparing Computer for Internet Access
22a. ISPs and examples (Broadband/ Dial up / Wi Fi )
22b. Internet Access Techniques

WWW and Web Browser
23. Web Browsing software
23a. Popular Web Browsing Software

24. Configuring  web browser

25. Search Engines
25a. Popular  Search Engines / Search for content
25b. Accessing Web Browser
25c.Using Favorites Folder
25d. Downloading Web pages
25e. Printing web pages

Communications and Collaboration
26. Basics of E-mail
26a. What is an Electronic mail
26b. E-mail addressing
26c. Configuring Email Client

27. Using E-mails
27a. Opening Email Client
27b. Mailbox : Inbox and Outbox
27c. Creating and sending a new E-mail
27d. Replying to an E-mail message
27e. Forwarding an E-mail message
27f. Sorting and searching E-mails

28. Advance E-mail features
28a. Sending Document by E-mail
28b. Activating Spell Checking
28c. Using address book
28d. Sending softcopy as attachment
28e. Handling SPAM

29. Instant Messaging and collaboration
29a. Using smiley
29b. Internet etiquettes

Making Small Presentations

30a. Using PowerPoint
30b. Opening A Powerpoint Presentations
30c. Saving a Presentations

31. Creation of presentations
31a. Creating a Presentations Using a Template
31b. Creating a Blank Presentations
31c. Entering and Editing text
31d. Inserting and deleting slides in a presentations

31. Preparation of Slides
31a. Inserting  Word table or An excel Worksheet
31b. Adding Clip Art Pictures
31c. Inserting Other Projects
31d. Resizing and scaling an object

32. Providing Aesthetics
32a. Enhancing text Presentations
32b. Working with color and Line style
32c. Adding Movie and sound
32d. Adding Headers and footers

33. Presentations of slides
33a. Viewing  A Presentations
33b. Choosing a set up for presentations
33c. Printing slides and hangouts

34. Slide Show
34a. Running a slide show
34b. Transition and slide timings
34c. Automating a slide show

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