Amity University Noida, situated in Noida, is a prestigious private university and, hands-down, one of the most popular and reliable universities of India. The renowned Amity University Noida, with its constant and praisable hardwork, has successfully managed to establish itself as a trustable and prolific educational hub and, that’s why, it has efficaciously pulled off an special place among the aspirants of higher studies.

Amity university offers a number of courses related to a large number of disciplines. The list of disciplines which are taught in the high-profile Amity contains engineering, medical, law studies, business studies, etc. This makes it a seriously awesome educational centre.

The prestigious Amity educational hub runs 250 Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. Apart from these, this remarkable institution offers other laudable program like PAN African Program, etc.

The prestigious Amity university is located in sector 125 of Noida. It is to be noted that Noida is an NCR (National Capital Region) and, that’s why, the Amity university is not much far from Delhi. The campus of Amity University Noida is just 20 kilometres away from Delhi which means it is easier for Delhites to reach Amity’s campus. More importantly and interestingly too, a delhite can also reach to the beautiful campus of Amity through Delhi Metro also. The person only need to get off the Delhi metro at Botanical Garden Metro Station and thereafter he/she can take auto rickshaw to reach Amity’s huge and extremely beautiful campus.

The campus of Amity University is itself something to write home about. The campus is extremely big, sprawls across 60 acres of land and there is almost everything within the campus of this Amity. The remarkably planned and admirably architectured Amity campus appears to be a micro-world in itself.

The premise of Amity institution houses multiple exquisite buildings out of which one is Amity School of Engineering, another one is Amity Law School, third one is Amity Global Business School, fourth one is the very comfortable Central Library and besides these there are extremely facilitative and luxurious hostels in the campus of Amity.

The Central Library of Amity university is no less than a luxurious palace. The interior is really beautiful and the makers has left no stone unturned to make students feel relax and receptive. This amazingly big Central Library is equipped with more than 1,00,000 books. Apart from this, this remarkable library also has thousands of periodicals, references, national journals as well as international journals.

Amity’s hostels are comparable to royal palaces. The rooms of the hostel are equipped with ACs and many other comfortable facilities. Very impressively, while making use of these facilitative equipments which gobbles up electric power a student don’t need to give a damn about environment because Amity university is an eco-friendly educational hub.

Amity’s exquisite buildings are blessed with the remarkable Roof-Top Solar Panels. This university is India’s first institution to install One MegaWatt Roof-Top Solar Power Plant which is, hands down, a laudable initiative. Not only this, the Amity university campus India’s very first ISO-Certified Green University Campus which really awesome.

There is huge and beautiful Central Park, an appropriately vast football field, multiple courts for lawn tennis. Apart from these, the campus also houses big and very comfortable cafeterias, Dominoz Pizza Hut, a hub for almost all indoor games, admirably facilitative saloons, beauty parlours, etc.

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